Book Review: Look Again

Look Again by Lisa Scottoline tells the story of Ellen, who adopted her son, Will, when he was just a baby. Now he is three years old, and she swears the picture on the Missing Child postcard she got in the mail looks just like him.

This book made me realize that I have (a) read too many books, (b) seen too many movies, and (c) possibly expect too much from writers.

I like that the action of the story starts right away. There is no opening chapters to share the background of the characters or the situation. Instead, Ms. Scottoline dives right in to Ellen seeing the postcard that so many of us disregard and toss in the trash as soon as we collect the mail. The background, including everything about Ellen’s job as a reporter and the story behind how she came about adopting Will, is weaved into the plot very well.

Right away, I had my suspicions about what was going to happen. When I got to the climax, I knew what was going to happen. I kept asking myself, “How will she surprise me? How will she make this different from other stories?” It’s a question I ask myself whenever I am working on my own writing.

While I was able to accurately guess what was going to happen at every twist and turn, I still enjoyed the read. Ms. Scottoline is a talented writer whose descriptions put me right into the action. I could see the story unfold, as if I were watching a movie. Look Again, for me, was not about the mystery and intrigue behind what happens to Ellen and Will. It was about a mother’s struggle to define what it means to be a parent. Is biology the most important factor, or is there something more to parenthood?

As a reporter, Ellen feels a desire to know the whole story. Is the little boy she adopted a kidnap victim? And if the truth is what she fears, what will she do with that information?

Ms. Scottoline forces her reader to ask the ultimate question: What would you do?


***I borrowed this book from my friend’s personal library. I have received no compensation, in any form, for this review. All opinions are my very own.***

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