Before and After: the Living Room

When we first moved into our apartment-turned-condo, the first thing we did was paint T’s room. We figured it would be easier to get the painting out of the way before we moved the furniture in. Turned out to be a great plan.

Too bad I didn’t do it with the rest of the house.

Five years later, the rest of the house remained unpainted. I hated it. I wanted to paint and decorate and make the house feel like it was really mine.

But I’m a procrastinator. I can always find excuses not to.

Two weeks ago, the Boyfriend helped me stop procrastinating. We painted the living room.

The Boyfriend used one of those edger things so we didn't have to waste a bunch of time taping.

I love how it turned out. I wasn’t sure about the green, but I love it. Just the three walls being painted gives my house a completely different feel.

I actually really enjoy painting walls.

Next on the list is to paint the fourth wall and hallway, then I’ll move on to the dining room. My stepmom is going to visit for a long weekend soon so we can rip out the carpet and put in hardwood floors. I want to try and get the painting done beforehand, so we don’t have to worry about ruining the new floors.

Here are the before and after photos:

Door Side Wall - Before

Door Side Wall - After

I took advantage of moving the furniture away from the walls to paint and changed the layout of the living room. I got rid of my leaning-tower bookshelf and got a new TV stand at a friend’s garage sale.

Opposite Side - Before

Opposite Side - After

Isn’t it nice that my “after” pictures were taken with a better quality camera?

So, even though I haven’t rehung my photos and I have a shelf to hang behind the couch, the color still makes a *huge* difference in the way my home looks.

It’s amazing what a little change can do to make me feel better about my lovely little home.

In case you’re curious:

I used Athenian Green with an eggshell sheen by BEHR.

We used one of these fancy edger things (Shur-Line 500) – and I highly recommend it!

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6 comments on “Before and After: the Living Room”

  1. Brianna

    I dig it. It also seems cozier to have the couch on the opposite wall from the door (or maybe just a little less like the crazy neighbor is eavesdropping). Either way, it looks great!

  2. Sara

    I think it looks fantastic and I love how you have rearranged!

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