Facebook official: the new “going steady”?

It’s possible that D and I will now have two “anniversaries” when it comes to the beginning of our relationship.

May 28th is the day we officially became a couple.

June 7th is the day we became “Facebook official” as a couple.

Yep. We made that big step and changed our relationship statuses to “in a relationship with _____”.

D is in Alabama for a week and a half on business, so we did it while on the phone that night. Sneaky little me made him do it first, so all I had to do was accept his request. It was us just being goofy dorks.

There is a lot of my family on Facebook. All my aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings, friends, parents… I’ve got a ginormous family and sometimes I feel like they all have Facebook accounts (that actually might not be far from the truth). And a lot of them are…what’s  a nice way to put this…nosy. They mean well. We all live so far from each other, it’s really the only way we can be present in each other’s lives these days. It’s one thing Facebook is good for.

That being said, they are the reason I wasn’t sure if we should even make it “Facebook official.” Facebook puts everything on your timeline, so on everyone’s page it would announce: Roxanne P is now in a relationship with D.

Haha, now T & I have a place on his timeline.

I wasn’t sure how people would react. I’m not even sure how many of them know I’m even dating. And I think about the reactions of others a lot.

Plus, I’m still Facebook friends with my ex-in-laws.

About five minutes after the change, D’s friend ‘liked’ the change. I should add that I totally guessed it. I knew she would be. She’s the friend that has ‘liked’ everything posted about our budding relationship.

Next week we’ll be picking out engagement rings.






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12 comments on “Facebook official: the new “going steady”?”

  1. Samantha

    So happy for you 🙂 on all accounts!

    On another note, I’ll never really get to do anything Facebook official because Russ refuses to sign up for Facebook. Oh, well.

    • Roxanne

      D says it might be because I changed the date to our actual “anniversary”. Which means only his people saw the change, not mine.

  2. Yuliya

    And then I read the engagement rings part. And then I peed my pants. So thank you for that.

  3. Debi

    I knew that ending was coming, I totally laughed at this one.

  4. Two Of Us Dating Service

    While it seems to be the norm to put your status on facebook, many people are opting for a more private setting. Many friends of mine have their status as “in a relationship”, but not tagging their significant other. This is to ensure that people aren’t aware of everything going on in their life. If you are looking for more privacy then this is a good way to go.

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