A quick conversation with my son

D asked me to be his girlfriend. What do you think of that?

“Yeah, that would be okay.”

You’re okay with him being my boyfriend?

“Yeah. So that means he’s my step-dad now, right?”

Um. No. We’re just dating. If we ever got married, then he’d be your step-dad.

“Oh.” Thinks for a moment. “I don’t want you to kiss him.”

I can’t kiss D if he’s my boyfriend?

“Not like a girlfriend kiss. Just a regular kiss.”



Ever since we had this conversation on Sunday afternoon, T has been talking about the future. “Maybe you can marry him and then I can have a little sister.” “Do you think D might move in with us one day? I’m going to ask him.” “If you marry D, I can have a little sister and have a friend to play with all the time.”

I’ve been known to move fast in previous relationships…but not that fast.


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4 comments on “A quick conversation with my son”

  1. Jim W

    At some point D’s going to want you to kiss him like you’re his girlfriend.

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