The next chapter…

When my mom started dating her future second husband, I remember her talking to me about what they should call themselves. At 42, she felt they were “too old” to refer to each other as boyfriend/girlfriend. They weren’t “going steady.”

I’m slightly younger than she was, but I kind of get what she was talking about.

I’ve done the boyfriend/girlfriend thing. I’ve done the husband/wife thing. Now I’ve come full circle, and I’m doing the boyfriend/girlfriend thing again. Except this time, it seems like a strange set of words to use.

Monday, after spending the entire day together, D told me he had a question to ask but he wasn’t sure how to ask it. It was going to sound goofy.

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

He’s right. It did sound goofy. And I felt like a goober when I told him I did.

It’s silly. We’re both close to 30 [he’s closer than I am >:)]. We aren’t young, but we aren’t old. We’re working adults, each with a child and a retirement plan. Half of us have been married and divorced.

But there you have it.

I’m a girlfriend again.

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3 comments on “The next chapter…”

  1. Erin @Momfog

    This reminds me of that scene in Young Frankenstein with Frau Blucher. “He vas…my boyfriend!” It is an odd thing to say past a certain age, but what’s the alternative? Happy for you, whatever you decide to call yourself. 🙂

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