Playing Skee-Ball in fancy clothes

You know what’s a fun activity for a Saturday night?

Dressing up in fancy clothes and going to a steakhouse on a date. And then going to the arcade in said fancy clothes to play Skee-Ball.


D (who has kindly agreed to let me put his face on my blog unless I’m going to tell you all what a giant asshole he is but since he took me on such a great date I guess he’s a pretty good guy) took me out a fancy date Saturday night for no other reason than I told him I had a pretty dress that I wanted to wear somewhere.

My date for the evening.

The evening started with me running late because I was too busy having fun hanging out with friends and celebrating a graduation (DR. ALIA!) and seeing a new baby. Luckily D didn’t actually make any reservations and we’d never set a specific time for the date to begin so technically I wasn’t even running late. I was right on time.

First D laughed at me as I struggled to take the perfect “I’m-a-hot-date” picture on the drive to the steakhouse. Then he laughed at me as I danced on the escalator, skipped through the casino, and tried to convince him that we should go jump in the pool in our fancy clothes.

This is my "I'm-a-hot-date" photo.

The steakhouse was pretty fancy. The waiter unfolded my linen napkin and set it on my lap for me, making me feel like he was my mother or something. Then he brought us chilled forks for our salad. Which didn’t make my salad taste any different, but did make my fingers numb.

Oh! And they had this really good butter that had sun-dried tomatoes or something in it that was so good I added it to the Kobe beef sliders we had as an appetizer. I had chicken, he had steak, and we both totally orgasmed in our mouths from the deliciousness of the food. I also had two “Razz-matinis” that were strong and delicious.

Obligatory "Instagram'd" drink photo.

After dinner we headed back to the parking garage, but somehow I convinced D to take me to the arcade first. I beat him in a driving game and Skee-Ball (my favorite!) and then we took pictures in a photobooth because – OBVIOUSLY.

As he drove me back to my house, my window was down so I could enjoy the fresh air and the fact that I wasn’t driving (I hate driving). Suddenly, the pictures from the photobooth lifted up from the wind and flew out the window. Yep. Our totally adorable pictures are now somewhere on the side of the freeway with used needles, fast food trash, and probably a lost shoe or two.


But the date? So awesome.

I was super excited about the arcade.

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6 comments on “Playing Skee-Ball in fancy clothes”

  1. Ali

    First of all, if we’re talking hotness by those first two photos only, D is hot, you have some work to do. Would this be a bad forum to call him cute?

    • Roxanne

      I can’t even respond to a comment that tells me I have “work to do”. We can’t all look as devastatingly gorgeous as you.

    • Roxanne

      I would love to tell you, but they were made so strong I can’t even remember ordering the second one. (kidding…kind of)

      You were on my mind when I ordered it though.

  2. Brianna

    I love Skee-Ball. When I was a kid and we came to Vegas, before we moved here, my parents took my brother and I to the arcade at Bally’s and I’d play Skee-Ball until they made to stop. I was actually pretty decent.

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