24 months ago

I didn’t used to be a numbers person. I struggled with math in school. I labeled myself a words person and let the issue lie.

When I first went back to work after T was born, I went for an administrative position. I was promoted to an account manager, and suddenly I was using numbers a lot more than before. Now I’m an office administrator at a different firm, and I’ve become more comfortable with numbers.

It’s had it’s effect on me.

I notice I have started calculating time based on what I perceive as major events. I feel as if time moves slowly and quickly, at the same time.

When I need a reality check, I do the calculations:

It’s been 24 months since I got divorced and started this bloggy.

Which means it’s only been 5 years and 4 months since I was married,

and 5 years and 7 months since my son was born.

I graduated from college 7 years and 5 months ago,

and anything before that is one million lifetimes ago.

I’ve been alive for 28 years and 7 months.

In the twenty-four months, I have:

Started 1 editorial business and took on 4 clients

Edited 4 novels and several short stories

Met 3 people on 2 different dating sites

Gone on 12.5 dates

Blogged 333 times

Met 3 bloggers in person

Tweeted 12,200+/- times

Volunteered as a contributing editor for 2 websites

Wrote a 50,000 word novel and started 4 others

Decided to grow my hair out for 5 years

Attended 10 T-ball games

Hung out with various friends approximately 17 jillion times

And spent as much time as possible with my adorable little boy.

Happy Second Anniversary, Unintentionally Brilliant!

And now.

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6 comments on “Numbers”

  1. Marta

    Happy Happy Blogging Anniversary.

    I used always measure time by grades in school. This happened in the 8th grade so it must have been 1998, etc. Now I measure things by my children. Oh he just started walking so it much have been 2006. =)

  2. Stasha

    Happy Blogiversary!

    Time flies when you’re having fun! Or something like that. Heh.

  3. Lynn

    I prefer not to measure (it gives me a great excuse to skip the math)! Fun post! Look how much you and your son have changed! Happy Bloggiversary!!!

  4. Jessica

    Happy 2 years of blogging!

    And I’m happy to say I am one of the blogging people you have met in real life.

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