Momcomm Blog Critique


Every Wednesday Melissa of critiques a blog on design, functionality, and content. I signed up the last time she had the queue opened and won a spot! Check out the critique, as well as the rest of Melissa’s blog. She’s got some great information for bloggers and writers alike.

I’m posting this before actually taking a detailed look at her comments, because I’m exhausted and it’s past bedtime. But after a cursory glance, I can already tell she’s got some great advice.

Thanks Melissa!

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1 comment on “Momcomm Blog Critique”

  1. Partly Sunny

    Her critiques are so good. She actually did a mini one for me a long time ago, I think before she was doing this series. Did I do anything she told me to? No. Because I get so busy that I’m lucky I get to write let alone tweak my blog. Someday. . .

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