When a five-year-old takes over Draw Something

Since I last posted about the Drawstin Linkup from #AwesomeAustin, I’ve become obsessed with saving the drawings from Draw Something. My last upload from phone to computer contained 65% screenshots from Draw Something. I was saving them up for you. I wanted to show off how talented I’ve become at drawing things like ‘bar stool’ and ‘hula hoop’ and ‘frenemies.”

But my plans for this post were dashed when my son, 5-year-old T, took hold of my Draw Something account without my knowledge. He’d done it once or twice before, but this one was more than just a bunch of scribbles that caused my opponent to eventually give up. This one, he actually drew a picture. I tried to tell him before that I don’t just draw whatever I want, but he’s five – he wanted to draw whatever this is:

Poor Alison. It’s alright though. I wouldn’t have gotten it either.

I don’t remember Ludacris looking quite so much like a hybrid of a flower and Bart Simpson.


DRAWSTIN a Draw Something Linkup with @AmandaAustin and @AwesomeHutch

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5 comments on “When a five-year-old takes over Draw Something”

  1. Alison@Mama Wants This

    Hahahaha!! I admit, I was like, WTF?? I did not know Ludacris was a flower in water! 😉

    I actually took 5 minutes to try and figure it out before I gave up. I thought it was some kind of fish because those letters was in there. And I thought you must have some advanced biology degree.

    Turns out your son just has awesome drawing skills. 🙂

  2. Amanda Austin

    Ok finally getting to stop by and comment. Hilarious. Sometimes with celebs though, that picture is as good as any. How does one draw Luda???

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