The one in which I tease my sister and talk about Draw Something

I feel this post needs no explanation, except that Amanda from It’s Blogworthy (who writes an awesome weekly Celebrity Round-up that I rarely miss) is hosting a Draw Something link-up this week and I’ve been saving some drawings from the game for a while, not really knowing why.

Well, isn’t it obvious now?

First, I have to tease my baby sister. We’re really just about on the same artistic level (which is, we’re pretty terrible at drawing – our brother really got all that talent in the genepool). But she is also taking care of her three-month-old baby girl, so she gets a little distracted.

Which is probably all the explanation you need for these:

And then there’s this one. (Hint: she was writing ‘brand’ but apparently it didn’t all come through on my end. It took my FOR-EV-ER to figure this one out.)

Just to keep the playing level “fair”, here are a few of mine:

Hee hee hee

Special shout-out to my friend Kirsten, who drew this cute little “drool catcher” that I saved for no partiular reason.

And to The Next Martha. Her ballot gave me quite the giggle.

Oh, and if you want to show me your “drawsome” art skills? My username is “roxisbrilliant”.

Want to check out more artistic fun, including my drawing of Lady Gaga? Check out #Drawstin at It’s Blogworthy!

DRAWSTIN a Draw Something Linkup with @AmandaAustin and @AwesomeHutch


P.S. It’s all in good fun. I’ve done my share of awful drawings, and my sister has done some good ones. I just know she reads my blog now, so I can’t help but tease her.

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6 comments on “The one in which I tease my sister and talk about Draw Something”

  1. Amanda Austin

    Ok, the one that just said disease made me laugh out loud…and that is something! Love all these drawings…who says you don’t have artistic ability?? You made my list!!! And the Titanic one is basically genius.

    • Roxanne

      Titanic came up for me on a lot of my games. I got sick of drawing a boat crashing into the iceberg, so I tried something different. It was fun, but doing a “good” drawing takes so much more time.

      And the one that said disease? My sister said she didn’t know how to draw any of the choices, so she just picked one and wrote it. Pretty much made me laugh out loud too. 🙂

  2. Hutch

    I’m amazed at how many different drawings I’ve seen for the same words. Your Titanic one is pretty amazing!

    • Roxanne

      I did have fun with that one. I wish my Draw Something skills translated into real life. 😉

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