In Anticipation of Kindergarten

My big boy, helping my best friend's little one eat mac n cheese.

Only a few short months remain before my little monster will be a kindergartner.

I made the decision just a little while ago to keep him in his current school, where he is in a pre-K classroom. Sure, I struggle to afford it, but I think it’s the best decision for him and his education.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of articles on how to prepare your child for kindergarten, or what to expect when your child starts school. Which seems like a silly thing for me to do. T has been in school for a year now. There isn’t homework or a structured curriculum, but it’s the same idea. We don’t need to prepare him for being away from me, because we’ve been doing that for years.

While he will be in the same school, with at least a few of the same students, and he is already familiar with the Kindergarten teacher, it will still be different. There will be homework. There will be a structured curriculum for learning activities. The school’s general philosophy is learning through play, so it’ll never be something intimidating for the children, but it will be a different environment.

I went to the Open House, to have a chance to talk to the teacher and make the decision between public or private school, and it was encouraging. Ms. L— is a delightful woman with a real passion for being with children. Her son will be 1 soon, and every time I see her with him there is a huge smile on her face. There is no terror in her eyes, she never shows her frustration with dealing with X number of kids (unlike one of T’s current teachers), and she calls everyone “friend.”

“Oh look! There’s our friend, T. Hello, friend.”

She has the attitude I want in a teacher of my child, the smile I love to see, and the amiability that I don’t feel with his current teachers.

I wonder how the new classroom will affect T. He transitioned fairly well between a home-based day care (with a woman I still love and wish could care for him for the rest of his childhood) and the school. He makes friends easily, and has a generally great attitude in the classroom. He’s intelligent and fun.

T is excited to go into Ms. L—‘s classroom. He’s wanted to join her class for several months now. He loves that there are computers (his classroom only has 1, so he doesn’t get much time on it) and that he will have a regular rotation on them. He loved checking out the science section in the classroom, and I liked that Ms. L— gives out journals at the end of the year to show off how much they’ve learned and grown.

I want to mark the transition in a special way. I’ve seen pictures on Pinterest of having the children pose with a sign or lie on the sidewalk next to the word Kindergarten. I want to do something like that, something we can look back on and continue as he goes through school. I don’t want to slack off on it, like I do so many other projects I have in the back of my mind. I don’t just want school pictures – I want something that’s just for us.

I’ve never really been the mother that wanted to keep her little one a baby forever. I’m much more excited by watching him grow, and seeing what happens next. To be with him on his journey through life. To enjoy the small moments, and cherish the big ones.

I’m really excited.

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5 comments on “In Anticipation of Kindergarten”

  1. Amanda | OneMommysThoughts

    I too have a little one heading to Kindergarten this fall and it is giving me a little anxiety but overall it is so exciting for both of us. It sounds like you have a very lovable little boy on your hands and I think he will likely do very well in his new class.

    Good luck and thanks for the idea on taking “progressive” pics through the years. Love that!

    • Roxanne

      Thanks. Much luck to you too! Hard to believe these little ones who used to be itty bitty helpless babies are old enough to attend school now. 🙂

  2. Carla

    My daughter is finishing up kindergarten in a few weeks. I was excited also because I new it would offer challenges that she needed, but I cried on her first day anyway.

    There was a little girl in first grade whose mom came to take a first day of school picture and the little girl said “Mom, couldn’t you have just taken a picture of me getting I the bus”. I thought that was funny.

  3. Kashif Ross

    I’ve taught a lot of Kindergartners over the last three years. It’s funny seeing how they come in with different personalities and experiences. You’ll definitely see more of T’s personality come out because all the kids influence each other. Have fun! September isn’t that far.

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