The end of the first (non) date: Part 3

Click for Part 1: The one in which I get asked out on a date

Click for Part 2: The one in which I go out on a date


The first thing I noticed, was that he opened the door for me. Yes, a part of me swooned.

We sat for probably an hour, just talking. About everything. He told me how much fun he’d had growing up in India. He told me that he really wanted to move back to the Bay Area some day.  I told him about my writing, and my desire to be a published writer. I told him I never thought about moving back to the Bay, but I’m sure my parents were harboring secret desires that I would do just that.

I took off my heels and curled up on the immaculate seat. I peered into the back seat, clear of any garbage and pretty much anything else. I found myself admiring his car, remembering how lived in my own is. Stained seats, cheerios from years past ground into the seats and the floors, art projects scattered across the floor because I can’t remember to bring them in the house, superheroes in the cup holders and an empty soda bottle (or 3) rolling around somewhere in the trunk.

It was too late for us to do much of anything else, so we decided to go watch a movie at my house.

I wasn’t prepared. The sink was filled with dirty dishes, the dining room is still filled with my overflow of Tupperware, and I haven’t vacuumed in a while. There were cereal crumbs ground into the carpet in front of the couch. That smoke detector is still hanging from the ceiling in T’s room. Laundry, left unfolded, was tossed haphazardly on my bed. The hall bathroom constantly smells like little boy pee, and the counter in my bathroom is decorated with my hair.

I let him in anyway. I let him explore my small home and observed his reactions. I was expecting even a hint of disgust at my terrible housekeeping, but it wasn’t there.

We sat on the couch and talked some more. We talked about movies, and I finally put on Alice in Wonderland. I had meant it as background noise, but once the movie started, the talking stopped.

We watched for about fifteen minutes before he made his move and we kissed.

After he left, I stood by the door for five minutes just resting my head on the cool wood. Something had been awakened.

I’m looking forward to our first real date.

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