Letters for You: An Author’s Apology

Tonya at Letters for Lucas is probably well-known to a lot of you. She is the mother of 2.5-year-old Lucas, who is simply darling. Her posts on motherhood, loss, grief, and her life with Lucas are beautiful and often poignant. I love to see her linked up with VlogTalk and Write on Edge.

If you’re familiar with Tonya, then you are also familiar with her Letters for You series. If you aren’t familiar, every Wednesday Tonya has one of her friends post a letter to someone, anyone. While I haven’t read every post, the ones I have are fantastic and heartfelt and I love them.

This week, it’s my turn.

I’ve been thinking about to whom I would write my letter since Tonya first allowed me a slot in her busy series. Would I write to my son? My friends? Would it be as touching and loving as the past letters?


Click over to Tonya’s blog to see who I chose to write my letter to.

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