Ten Careers/Degrees I’m Considering

1. B.A. in Marketing (eh…)

2. M.F.A. in Writing (because a second “useless” degree sounds like fun)

3. Lawyer (except, you know, the whole having to move thing)

4. M.B.A. (a dime a dozen)

5. Web/Graphic Design (sounds fun…)

6. Escort (kidding…kind of)

7. Electrical Engineering (because I would be amused if I could even make it through the coursework)

8. B.A. in Accounting

9. Tupperware Director (not that I’ve had any parties since October…)

10. Trophy wife


I’m thinking #10 is my best option. Can anybody hook me up with a billionaire? I’ll probably also need some lipo, a tummy tuck and a boob job.

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8 comments on “Ten Careers/Degrees I’m Considering”

  1. Vinobaby

    Hmmm…the lipo, a tummy tuck and boob job are probably still cheaper than the college classes. You might have to sell your kid to finance those…unless that’s what the escort gig is funding…

    Personally, I’d love the MFA, but I’m way to chicken to ever attempt it.

  2. Brianna

    There’s a website called millionaire matchmaker. 🙂

    In all seriousness, I think about marketing sometimes. I do a little marketing for one on my jobs and it’s fun. I wish I had more attention in Dr. Hackbert’s entrepreneurship class and/or taken other business classes.

  3. Lynn

    Fun post! Don’t worry about the surgery, the billionaire can afford to mold you exactly how he wants you! Sorry to say, I don’t know any. Sorrier to say that if I did, I’d have to have first dibs! According to the list above and your comment on each, #5 is looking like the best bet so far. I put it before B.A. in accounting because a. you had no positive response after it on the list and b. accounting? Boooring!!! 🙂

  4. Kimberly

    Since I’m unemployed right now and on the hunt for a new job, #10 sounds the most appealing. Does it pay benefits and are weekends off?

    • Roxanne

      I’m pretty sure trophy wives usually have really awesome benefits. Rich people typically have health insurance and retirement accounts, right? But weekends would be packed with all the charity balls and dinner parties you’d be required to attend/host.

  5. John

    A good graphic designer can make good money, but the market is flooded right now (just a word of advice from someone who is looking for a good designer).

    I’ve, often, wondered if I could pull off gigolo.

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