I’m feeling frustrated.

I just got off the phone with someone at the financial aid office for the local community college. The college I have been trying to attend for at least a year – possibly two. I lose track of time.


I have met with an advisor. I have spoken to people in financial aid on several occasions. There was plenty of opportunity for someone to spell out what I was up against.

See, I already have a B.A. in English. I decided to go back to school for something a little more specific. I chose to get an AS in Paralegal Studies. Yes, it’s “stepping down” in the degree world, but it was a program that would really work for me and fit into my schedule.

What they didn’t tell me, is that I am ineligible for ANY financial aid through the community college because I already have a B.A.

If I want the AS, I have to pay for it. Out of pocket.

Why didn’t somebody tell me this before? Why did they wait until weeks before registration deadline for the semester to inform me?

If I want to go back to school, I have to attend the university. I have to get a master’s degree.

Which means it’s going to be another several months (or years) before I finally get on track with this crap.

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20 comments on “I’m feeling frustrated.”

    • admin

      Yay! Now I can see your beautiful face on my bloggy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Jim W

    that does sorta sound like the kind of thing that could have been mentioned two years ago.

  2. Kimberly

    My school screwed me up with my program as well. I wish they would give us all of the information right at the beginning so we know what we’re getting into.

    • admin

      Did you meet with an adviser too? I really feel that she should have laid it all out for me. She knew about my BA & that I would need to rely on financial aid. Why would she leave out such an important detail?
      Are you in school now? What program are you in?

      • jamie

        sometimes the advisors don’t actually know all the ins and outs… sad, eh?

      • Kimberly

        That would frustrate me to no end.
        I was in school to go further with web design, but I had to back out because of the financial aid stuff. I’m going to go back at some point, but probably to do a different school.

  3. jamie

    I am amused that your largest category is uncategorized. It sucks you have to do an MA or pay out of pocket… you could always take a small private loan for the AS…

    • Roxanne

      That’s because I deleted all the tags from Blogger (purposely). They annoyed me. So I have to go back through 200+ posts to add categories. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Jessica

    I never knew this about schools. Sucks that they won’t let you go back, especially if the AA is for a different degree.

    • Roxanne

      I guess it’s just because it’s a community college. So I’ll pay out of pocket to take a class this semester & then try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

  5. John

    That is just, well, bullshit. I always thought community colleges were willing to do just about anything in order to ensure people were in their classes . . . having an advanced degree in something unrelated to what you’re looking to study shouldn’t disqualify you (I’d understand denying someone aid in an elementary calculus course if the person holds a PhD in theoretical physics, though)

    • Roxanne

      Well, yeah. If it were something like that, I’d totally understand.

  6. Brianna

    It stinks that you can’t get any financial aid. SNC wanted to give me $20,000 in loans for the MFA program. Any sort of education you get is just furthering what you already have, regardless of what sort of degree it is.

  7. Brianna

    I wouldn’t take $20,000 in loans for grad school, though. I didn’t take even close to that for undergrad. It’s not as if I’d be going to school for something that would give me a job at graduation, like becoming a paralegal would.

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