Is Elmer’s tastier than Rose Art?

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As he’s lying in bed and I’m brushing my teeth, T suddenly looks up and asks me, “If you eat glue, will you die?”

I spit the toothpaste out of my mouth, suddenly very curious, “Did you eat glue?”

His face crinkles and the tears start pouring, “Yes!” He sobs almost uncontrollably.

Part of me wants to laugh, but the look on his face is near-tragic.

“T, you aren’t going to die if you tried a little bit of glue. Just…don’t do it again.”

Through his sobs, “Why?”

I decide to get more information, hoping to distract him from his tears and make him realize I’m not angry.

“Why did you even eat glue?”

He hiccups, “I don’t know.”

“You aren’t going to die. Eating glue could make you sick, though. So no more eating glue. And don’t eat crayons, lick markers, or drink the paint. Got it?”

He calms down considerably, “Okay.”

“So…um…why did you eat glue? Were you hungry?”

I finally get a smile and he giggles.

But I never did find out the why. Maybe they just aren’t feeding the kids enough.

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4 comments on “Is Elmer’s tastier than Rose Art?”

  1. Jim W

    glue or paste? I never knew any kids that ate glue, but lots that ate paste. I remember the paste from my youth had a vaguely minty smell so maybe to a starving kid in Kindergarten or 1st grade or whatever, it seems like a nice between meal snack. . .

  2. Brianna

    I am forever telling the kids at school not to eat crayons (or stick them up their noses). Of course, I also tell these same kids not to put baby dolls in the freezer of the play kitchen and that play dish soap is not for drinking.

    The kid who sat next to me in 2nd grade ate paste all the time. As far as I know, nothing bad happened. He was already weird.

  3. John

    I, still, remember the kid who sat in the back of class and ate paste whenever it was pulled out.

    Paste, I remember, being a whole different beast than glue, though.

    My daughter ate dog food yesterday.

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