Tupperware: Not just for moms in the 80s

On October 28th, I started my own Tupperware business.

On November 29th, I was informed that I was number three on the list of the top performing consultants for the month.

I looked at the fake check my director handed me that represented the money I’d made in that month (I’d already received my commission throughout the month – they just do this to build the excitement level at the meetings) and a grin spread across my face. In only a month, I had made an extra $500. And I’d only held 4 parties. That’s an average of one a week. Which is like working 12 hours in the month. For an extra $500.

Not a bad deal.

When I got home, I looked at that fake check again. And then I looked at my pile of bills that are due.

That extra $500, it really should have made a difference.

But it didn’t. Because November was such an insane month for me.

I made trips to the Bay Area, and to my dad’s cabin out by Yosemite. Gas money. Plus stopping for a meal during each drive.

I went a little overboard buying sales aids. Now, the catalogs and brochures really aren’t that much. But then I’d see all the specials and sample prices. And I need stuff to show off during my parties. And stuff to give away. Because Tupperware people love to give stuff away.

In truth, I wasn’t very responsible. Because I’m really never very responsible when it comes to money.

Now, it’s not all bad news.

My entire reason for getting into Tupperware was to set myself a small goal. If I reached that goal, then I’d reevaluate it and see if I wanted to continue.

My goal? To pay off my credit card debt.

I don’t have as much as the average person, so this is actually a small goal.

And I’ve almost done it. In only the first month of business.

Pretty sweet, huh?

If I can keep up the momentum, then I’ll have reached my first goal by the end of the year.

And my second goal.

Because my second goal is to reach Manager status. My sales already make me qualified, so all I have to do now is get three people to sign up to join my team.

Once I become Manager, I’ll set myself another goal. Probably something related to building up my savings. Because that really needs to happen.

But for now, I’m taking it slow. One step at a time. One goal at a time.

And we’ll see where it goes.


Obligatory Self Promotion:

Want to help me reach my goals? Here are a few ways you can help:

1. Buy Tupperware. You can make purchases through my Tupperware website, or by just shooting me an email. Tupperware makes a great holiday gift for everyone on your list. T is getting the Kids in the Kitchen Baking Set for Hanukkah, and some other Tupperware for his kitchen for Christmas. They have these cute little holiday canisters that are perfect for delivering cookies to teachers, co-workers, or the host of any holiday parties you might attend. (Also, you can purchase Tupperware toys to donate to Toys for Tots.)

2. Sign up for my weekly emails. It’s one email a week, and it’s just a quick rundown of the weekly specials. I usually send it out Monday or Tuesday. It’s the easiest way to get the best prices on some of the awesome products.

3. Join my team. You don’t have to be local to join my team. You just have to buy a business kit (which you recoup the cost of after your first party) through me. Being local would be beneficial, because then I can do your Grand Opening party, but it’s not a requirement. Plus, by being a consultant, you get a 25% discount on all Tupperware (and so many opportunities to get free products). Send me an email and I can give you more information about what Tupperware can give you.

4. Host a party. This is primarily for the locals. I can do online/catalog parties for anybody not local, and if I’m making a trip to see my parents, I can also do parties in the Bay Area or anywhere between Reno and the Bay. Hosting a party gets you free Tupperware, and is a great excuse to get your friends together for some fun. I’ll even make a special recipe for the event. My favorite is the Death by Chocolate cake – made in the microwave in only 8 minutes!

5. Share my name with your friends and family. Everyone loves Tupperware, and I would be honored if they would consider buying it from me.

And that’s it. That’s my advertisement. I’d really appreciate your support as I start a business that could, one day, get me out from behind a desk and doing something fun for a change.

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