Reviewing my 2011 goals

It’s that time again!

We all make resolutions around the New Year celebration. I label them as goals. And last year, I made a few. Let’s review my progress, shall?

Goals for 2011
(in no particular order)

1. Go back to school. — Nope. Although I am working through the paperwork to start in January, there is a huge part of me that still doesn’t fee like it’s going to happen.

2. Exercise more. — For a while, I did. Now I’ve got so much going on, I’m not finding much time to head to the gym.

3. Work on Post-Its. — I haven’t even touched that novel all year. Oh well. C’est la vie.
3b. Participate in NaNoWriMo again. – Wait, my goal was just to participate? Awesome.

4. Quit worrying about what my apartment looks like. — The only part that I still worry about is my gross carpet. I really need to get it ripped out.
4b. Host a party. Not a birthday party for the kiddo. A dinner party of sorts. — Nope.

5. Send cards. — Another big fat No. Although this year I didn’t worry about sending out holiday cards. I sent out a holiday email. With a cute picture. Slacker FTW!

6. Call my parents. — Make that “text my parents”. I do that. Occasionally.

7. Write more. — YES. I totally did this.

8. Read more. — I read 15 books this year. I’m in the middle of about five more. I’m not sure if this counts as “Read more” because I’ve never kept track before. Definitely not two-per-month, but I totally read more than two a week with T. We read almost every night.

9. Wake up earlier. — Hahahahahaha. No.

10. Save money. — Another big, fat, ugly No.


So, do I consider the year a failure because I didn’t reach my goals?

Hell to the NO.

You know what I did achieve this year?

I wrote more than I have in my life. I read books I loved and shared them with others. I went to a family reunion and a cousin’s wedding. I got a niece. I rocked the single mom thing. I dated. I partied with my friends. I spent so much time at Jamie’s house that I should really consider keeping extra clothes there. I started a Tupperware business and started a couple freelance editing jobs. I even started taking anti-depressants.

And I spent four hours on Christmas morning playing Legos with T, without once thinking about my paycheck or bills or doing the laundry or how my kitchen was a total mess.

And it was fantastic.

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