My Mommy & Me

My gift from T (with help from Jamie)

by T. J. age 5

My mom’s name is Roxanne Piskel.
I call her Mommy.
She is 28 years old. Her favorite color is orange.
She is 70 feet tall. She weighs 70 pounds.
Her hair is brown. Her eyes are hazel.
At work my mommy works.
She likes to go where ever she wants.
Her favorite food is colorful noodles, just like me, we love it!
Her favorite drink is soda & milk.
Her favorite book is “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”
Her favorite movie to watch with me is Spider Man.
For fun she builds legos with me because she likes it.
I love it when my mommy rubs my back.
I love my mommy because she loves me, she makes dinner, and she makes me happy.


A Close-Up View. <3

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