Monday Listicles

Ten Goals to Complete Before 2012

1. Finish mysterious paperwork they say is available online but is not available online so I can register for classes in January.

2. Take the boxes that have been sitting in my room for over a year to Goodwill. Yep. Was looking through pictures last night and I saw that pile in the background of a photo from over a year ago.

3. Catch up on the book reviews I have waiting to be written. I think the list is only at 2…so that’s a positive!

4. Reach 300 blog posts.

5. Pay off the last credit card. Start 2012 debt free. Well, except for those pesky student loans…

6. Organize the filing cabinet. It’s a mess. Papers have just been stuffed into folders in an attempt to make my house appear clean and organized. It’s time to clean it out and pack up the older stuff. (By the way? How long should I keep all those bills that I’ve paid? I think I have them from the last 4 years.)

7. Get one decent picture of T and I. Where we are both smiling. And facing the camera. This isn’t for a holiday card of any kind. I just want one for myself.

8. Clean out the refrigerator and the freezer.

9. Bundle up and go for a walk with T. We haven’t gone on a walk in a while, and we always enjoy them so much.

10. Get T a haircut. It’s starting to look like he’s got a mullet…

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