Dear 2012…

When I first started thinking about writing you, I was filled with dread. I thought: there was so much I wanted to do during 2011 that I didn’t get to. I’m such a failure.

And then I started looking back.
I created a slideshow of photographs from 2011. I looked through thousands of pictures to pick the right ones. I went through ma year’s worth of blog posts, trying to come up with my favorites from each month. I reviewed my goals for 2011 to see how much progress I’d made.
You know what I found out?
2011 was actually a pretty good year.
It wasn’t perfect. But what in life ever is?
2011 was the year I was diagnosed with double depression. But it was also the year I finally sought help.
It was the year I became a full-time single working-outside-the-home mom. But it was also the year I finally decided to get into freelance editing (i.e. my dream job).
It was the year I went on the worst date of my life. But it was also the year I had the courage to put myself out there to date again.
It was the year I spent many lonely nights crying quietly in the bathroom from the weight of my loneliness. But it was also the year I attended a family reunion, my cousin’s wedding in Catalina, and my sister gave birth to my very first niece.
All this means, is that my expectations for you, dear 2012, are fairly low. Not as low as my expectations were for 2011, but I’m thinking you would have to try pretty hard to be completely suck-tastic.
That is not a challenge.
In fact, I have a challenge to issue to you. Are you ready? Your challenge is…
to help me see the positive a little bit more on a daily basis,
to help me look at the big picture, instead of the muck I might be stuck in,
to help me stay strong through the difficult times and see yourself as growing, not merely surviving,
to not be the end of the world.
So, 2012, are you ready?
Challenge Accepted.

xo, Roxanne
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