2012 In Review…the bloggy version

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As I welcome 2012 with open arms and an open mind, here is a quick rundown of the past year, according to my blog.

January: I started off the year with my letter to 2011. I also wrote about how terrified I was of being a single mother.

February: I admitted to loving T more than sandwiches, wrote a letter to John Grisham, and wrote the book review that still gets me more pageviews than almost any other post I’ve written.

March: I told the story about how I bit Kristi Yamaguchi’s dad, realized just how optimistic my kid really is, and shared a verbose post on siblings.

April: I played my first successful April Fool’s Day joke and made my mom pretty pissed, but I also opened up and admitted that I’m just making it up as I go.

May: We participated in our first March for Babies, I admitted to being jealous of you, and then showed you what a hottie I was in high school.

June: I took a writing class with Yuliya and found my poetic voice again, was creeped out at Chuck E. Cheese, scared you all off with the crazy conversations I have with myself, and was thankful.

July: I wrote a personal essay about T’s premature birth, wrote a post that was eventually featured on BlogHer Moms, poured my heart out with Shell, and laughed at myself as I signed up for online dating.

August: I questioned why we blog, was diagnosed with double depression, went on my first date since getting divorced, and confessed to having high expectations for myself.

September: I pulled myself out of a depressive state and went for a walk, wrote a piece of Finding Agnes that I’m particularly proud of, decided to venture towards my dream job, and wondered if I was being selfish for dating.

October: We celebrated T’s fifth birthday superhero style, I pondered about whether I was a lazy or laid back parent, was overcome by the weight of loneliness, closed out my online dating accounts, and continued to struggle with that bastard depression.

November: I found much love and support when I made some confessions about myself as a mother, auditioned for a play, wondered what I would save if a fire consumed my home, and I was thankful once again.

December: I wrote about starting a Tupperware business, got back to Finding Agnes, and wrote my annual letter to the new year.

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