2012 Goals

Goals for 2012
(in no particular order) 

1. Focus on writing. — I did a lot of writing in 2011. Blog posts, short stories, novels-in-progress (yes, I started multiple ones this year). I’d like to publish at least 208 (that’s only 4 per week) posts to the blog this year, finish a novel-in-progress, and submit one short story for publication.

2. Edit. — I’m going to work on growing my freelance editing business. I’ve already got two clients, plus at least two more in the wings. I think, by the end of 2012, I should be getting at least two editing jobs per month.

3. Participate in NaNoWriMo again. — I won in ’10 & “lost” in ’11. As long as I participate, I feel pretty good about myself.

4. Transfer to WordPress. — And do the transfer myself. I’ve got a book and a website, and a whole slew of friends to go to for help (hello Jessica!). I love learning new computer-y things.

5. Get site up and running. — I bought a second domain (www.roxannepiskel.com). I’d love to get it running as my primary website (especially for editing) during the first part of the year.

6. Go to New Mexico. — My little sister had a baby girl this month. This is my first biological niece. My ex-husband’s half-sister has two children, and my best friend’s son is basically a cousin to T. But this is the first “real” one. It feels important to me like I never thought it would. I want to go see my sister and her baby girl before the girl is a teenager.

7. Read more books than in 2011. — I read 15 books this year and I’m in the middle of about five more. If I finish those five, then I only have to read 11 books the rest of the year to reach this goal.

8. Save money. — This will always be on my list. Because I’m terrible at it.

9. Get T into a sport. — Christmas presents from his grandparents including contributions towards whatever sport he wants. Since one of his friends is in karate, he says that’s what he wants to try. I’m all for it. But in the spring, I’d love for him to try soccer. Put all that energy to good use!

10. Spend more time with loved ones. — Because, obviously.

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