What would you save?

I woke up this morning to news of a major fire burning in my city. In an area that really isn’t all that far from my own home. I kept an eye out the window, and although I could see the orange sky, it didn’t look like it was all that close. I checked the news (something I rarely do in the mornings) and caught up with everything that was going on.

Twenty structures (so far) destroyed. All government agencies working to contain the fire and help those that have been evacuated. School has been cancelled. High winds (up to 70 mph last I heard) are making it difficult to fight the fires. They can’t fight from above because of the winds.

It’s terrible. I stared at the television and wanted to cry.

I sent a text message to my parents, letting them know the situation. Every time they hear about something in my area, I get semi-frantic calls. Usually before I’ve ever heard of the tragedy. So I sent a preemptive warning about the fire, and assuring them I’m safe.

I started thinking about all those people who have been evacuated.

That area seems so close to my own home, I wondered about what would happen if I were evacuated.

The hypothetical question is posed all the time: your house is on fire and you only have time to grab one thing. What would you save?

Typically you are to assume that all family members are out of the house and safe. The question is about the material possessions. What would you save?

In this situation, I can assume my family member is out of the house and safe. T is with his grandpa in the Bay Area. It’s only me.

I just kept thinking, what would I save? I literally walked around my house, wondering.

I usually hear people saying they would save photo albums. The majority of my photos are online. I don’t need to save the albums or the pictures hanging on my walls.

And I came to a truth about myself this morning.

I wouldn’t save a single thing.

If I’m being evacuated, or rushing to escape a burning home, my only priority is to save myself and to save my child.

After that?

It’s all just things. In this day and age, photographic memories are stored online. But even without them, I still have the memories. I don’t need the photos. I don’t need any of the things in my house. If I lost my house, lost everything, I would be devastated. But I also know that I would be able to pull through. I have family and friends who would provide shelter and food, if needed.

As long as I have my son, I don’t need any thing else.

He really is all I need.
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