Weekend (and then some) Update

It’s been 9 days since I posted on this here bloggy thing.

And now that I feel like I should write something, I’m not sure I can.

What is there to say?

I went to Catalina Island for my cousin’s wedding. Beautiful. I spent a total of 954735902749 hours in the car getting to and from said wedding. Awful. I left my child with his grandfather for the next week and a half. Mixed feelings. I passed the 18K mark on my novel for NaNoWriMo. Behind schedule. I started selling Tupperware in an effort to make some extra money. Interesting.

And that’s it. That’s an update. I’m pretty busy at work, so I’m not even around The Twitter much lately.

So until I find some words, enjoy some pictures from my trip.

I’m sure everyone felt safer on board the ferry from
Long Beach to Catalina with this superhero on board.
“Don’t go in the water!” Only a second later, he was ankle
deep in the water. So he had to walk around in wet shoes.
Listen to your mother, kid.
Of course I had to get him a souvenir sweatshirt.
Which we then left in my cousin’s hotel room.
No, actually, I didn’t tell him to do that.
Yes, we did go in & get ice cream.
Despite the cold weather.

Just hanging out on Catalina Island with my favorite monster.

All dressed up for the wedding.
Cousin Jenn & I being all fancy.

iPhone Photo Phun

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