My family contributes to overpopulation. Or they just love babies.

I come from a big family.

I don’t mean that I have a lot of siblings. There are only three of us.

And two stepsiblings.

I mean that my extended family is ginormous.

My maternal side of the family is a nice little package. My mom had three brothers, two of whom have been married a total of three times. I have four cousins on that side. And they have three children between them. (Mom, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)

And then there’s the paternal side.

My dad’s family is Italian. His parents had six children. They have all been married a total of…shit…a bunch of times. There’s a lot of divorces and remarriages going around. Then they all started having kids. Who have mostly all been married at least once. There are 15 of us grandkids, not counting spouses. And guess what’s happening now?

Yep. We’re all popping out a couple of kids.

(Okay, I’ve only had one. But I’m in the minority around this family.)

My younger sister is due in December, and last I heard is that her child will be my Nana’s 13th great-grandchild. To be born sometime just after (or around) Nana’s 90th birthday.

Interesting fact? My sister was the 13th grandchild. Neat, huh?

(I guess if you are superstitious that number isn’t all that lucky. But it’s cool. I like the symmetry.)

(Again, mom, I might have some numbers wrong. Like I said, there’s a lot of people.)

The paternal side of my family is insane. I forget sometimes how much fun it can be when they get together. And, when we do get together, there is always at least one moment when one of my cousins (typically one who is older than me and typically intoxicated at the time) will come up to me and confide in me how loving this family is. “If you need anything, you know we’ll all be there for you.” That sort of thing.

It’s kind of sweet.

The maternal side of my family is quieter. I don’t see them very often. In fact, I haven’t seen any of them since before T was born. I talk to several of them via Facebook or email. I keep making plans to meet up with one of my cousins that lives halfway between my house and my mom’s, but it never really pans out. But they send well wishes, birthday cards, and I know that I am loved by them.

It’s kind of sweet.

I get a lot from both sides of my family.

I’m not talking about what I get from my mom and my dad. Not in this post at least. I’m just saying…

I’m a lot like the paternal side. I’m slightly insane. I’m loyal, even if it’s to a fault.

I’m a lot like the maternal side. I’m reserved. I don’t need to see someone on a regular basis to be “there” for them.

I see characteristics of both sides in T as well.

I’ll never have a big immediate family. For now, it’s just me and T. Maybe one day I’ll get married again. Maybe one day I’ll decide to have one more kid. No more than that.

But I love having my ginormous extended family.

Both sides.


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