I’m the mother who…

…forgets her kid’s jacket on a regular basis

…forgot the diaper bag every single time we left the house

…forgot the costume at home for Halloween Hallows

…lets her 5-year-old sleep in her bed almost every night

…makes corndogs and fries in the oven because she’s too lazy to make a “real” meal

…lets her kid watch a movie almost every Saturday and Sunday morning so she can get a little extra rest

…rarely makes her kid clean his room

…feeds her kid fast food on occasion

…stopped using the heart monitor before the doc gave the go-ahead because the thing was a pain in the ass

…wakes up 20 minutes before we have to leave, throws dry cereal in a bowl for the car ride to school, and calls it good

…forgets to bathe her kid more than once a week

…swears in front of her kid and then tells him not to repeat it (and he rarely does)

…lets her kid listen to the same music she does…including songs others may consider “inappropriate”

…told her kid (who was 4 at the time) that Santa Claus doesn’t exist

…openly admits she doesn’t know what happens after we die, and then tells him some of the different beliefs

…tells her son that he might have a girlfriend or a boyfriend when he gets older, as if it’s no big deal either way. Because it isn’t.

…paints her son’s fingernails because he thinks it’s pretty

…has to constantly reinforce the idea that pink is NOT just for girls

…gives in to the whining on occasion

…talks to her son about why she takes anti-depressants every morning

…does not enforce a specific bedtime

…lets him pick his outfits; even if it means wearing only superhero shirts and ignoring the rest of his closet

…loves her son. Unconditionally.

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