I’m going to be a star!

Okay, not really. But I am going to audition for Good Luck Macbeth on Monday. It’s a theater company here in town. I’m not sure what play I’ll audition for specifically. But I checked out their 2012 season, and they’ve got The Importance of Being Earnest and The Tempest. And a few others that might be really cool.

Wait, let me back up just a minute…

On Thursday I attended Appeteaser: A Night of One-Act Comedies at the Reno Little Theater. My girl Yuliya was going to be on stage! I went with Jessica. It was incredible. There were seven one-act comedic plays performed, and they were hilarious. The cast all did a fantastic job. Especially Yuliya. Ahem.

Afterwards, I watched the cast come out and mingle with the audience. Everyone was full of energy, smiles plastered on their faces. Yuliya told me that we had been part of their best audience so far. I think it had to do with the great laugh of the guy seated in the front row.

I was sent back in time.

I used to do community theater. I think I started when I was like 12, but I’m not 100% sure. I played Woodstock in Snoopy, Samuel Clemens (first narrator) in Tom Sawyer, various roles in The Wizard of OZ (I received a cast award for the best piece of scenery. Yeah. About that…). And a few more that I really can’t be bothered to remember at the moment (my memory is down the tubes in my old age – ha!).

(I’m thinking I need to dig out some of the old pictures to show off. Wonder where they are…)

It was so much fun. I loved going to rehearsals and practicing lines and trying on costumes and getting on that stage in front of people!

Okay that last part is still pretty terrifying to me.

I suffer a little bit of stage fright.

I don’t even do that well in front of groups of people I know.

But maybe my mind is only remembering the good parts. The costumes, the makeup, the stories, the friends, the cast parties. The cute boys.

Oh yes, I was right into my adolescence. Of course I crushed on all my little male co-stars.

I remember Eric in particular.

He played Linus in the Snoopy play. He was so cute.

I digress.

So seeing Yuliya on stage (really, she was so fantastic. She played her role flawlessly. And it really was a great role for her.) just really brought everything back to me. I want that. And I told her.

And now I’ve signed up to audition on Monday.

I’m really, really, really nervous.

But Yuliya will be there with me. So that’s good. Moral support is always lovely when going into a butterfly-inducing situation.

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