Being Thankful

So this is my obligatory Thanksgiving post. As you are reading this, I am probably up at my dad’s cabin, celebrating by hiding myself in a corner writing furiously in an attempt to write 20,000 words by November 30th. Or maybe I’m talking to someone about Tupperware. Or I’m sleeping.

I’m Thankful …

1. … for T. Every day. Always. I love him more than I thought I ever could.

2. … for Jamie. This girl right here? Is my best friend. And, according to Facebook, my sister. I love her.

3. … for my beautiful and supportive mom. Enough said.

4. … for my proud and hard-working dad. No doubt.

5. … for the rest of my family and my friends (yes, on & off line). They are all so loving and supportive. I am so lucky.

6. … that I have a job. With health insurance. And so many other possibilities and opportunities for the future.

7. … for anti-depression pills and finally-get-some-sleep pills and no-more-pain pills.

8. … for my special birthday song, written by my lovely friends Jennifer and Alia. (Happy birthday to you / Your spine needs some glue / Happy birthday, you cripple / And next year you’re doomed!)

9. … to have a choice. In so many ways.

10. … for Band Back Together and Write on Edge, their fun writing prompts, and a supportive writing group.

12. … for a preschool with a sliding fee scale.

13. … for consistently having a roof over my head and food in the pantry.

14. … I live in such a beautiful and diverse place. I <3 Reno.

15. … for my education, and the possibility of expanding it further.

16. … for grants and student loans that have funded my education.

17. … for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which are keeping me connected to family, friends, and a whole bunch of people I’ll be able to convince to buy my book.

18. …that I didn’t set a specific number of items to be thankful for so I can stop this list whenever I want.


(or Happy Thursday, for all those non-Americanos.)

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