iPhone Photo "Phun": The one in which I am prepping for a superhero party.

So, in case you didn’t know, my little superhero is turning 5 next week (see what I wrote for him last year).

His birthday is Monday, so we’re having the party on Sunday. It’s very exciting.

There will be cape-making and cake and probably not a whole lot else. It’s at a park, which I learned from last year means it doesn’t matter if you don’t have stuff planned.

Oh. And there will be a makeshift photobooth.

I’ve been working tirelessly on designing the backdrop. I bought an old sheet from Goodwill and have successfully drawn a cityscape on it:

Yesterday we bought the paint, so tonight T and I will be painting the buildings grey and the windows yellow. It’s pretty much going to match the #ALLCAPSAWESOME invitations I made. Except the sheet is blue, so the sky will be blue. With white felt clouds.

Confession: This is the only image not taken with my iPhone.

I have also made a few comic-type signs for the kiddos to hold in the photos. Here is the POW one. So far I have that, and a WHAM one completed.

I also made a sign that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY T—! in a speech bubble. I am very proud of it. But I did not take a picture. So I’ll close up this (very brief) post with a picture of T at Michael’s. We were shopping for birthday party supplies and he found this awesome skull mask that he said, “Mommy, you just have to take my picture.” And since he doesn’t really allow me to take many pictures of him these days, I complied.

iPhone Photo Phun
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