iPhone Photo Phun: The I can’t find my words version

I’ve been meaning to blog, but really I can’t find my words. Have you seen them?

So enters the iPhone Photo Phun meme. Thanks Liz and Kristin.

Last weekend I went to the Bay Area with T to see my mom and step-dad.

Mom made us cookies. Because she’s awesome like that.

At some point during the weekend, T put a Superman spit curl in his hair and demanded I take a picture.

On Monday we went to dinner at Jamie’s house. While we waited for Jamie & her family to get home, T played with I’s toys. While dressed like Batman. Obviously.

And then I took a random picture of myself last night. Because that’s how I roll. (see my new salt & pepper shakers I got from mom for my birthday? aren’t they ALLCAPSAWESOME?


iPhone Photo Phun

P.S. My mom reads my blog now. I actually figured this out a week or two ago, but I didn’t say anything. To anyone. Not even her. See, Twitter does this funny thing and emails me whenever somebody new follows me. One day, I got one from someone who looked suspiciously like my mom (ok, I knew right away it was my mom. It‘s a clear picture of her and the username just made it totally obvious). I knew right away what would come next. I would post a link to my blog, she would read it, and…something might happen? So I went onto my sneaky little website that tracks my visitors and – yep – someone from her area of California had spent quite some time going through my words. I felt weird. What was she going to say? What had I said? Should I be embarrassed about what I share on the Internet? About how much I share? (I got over it much quicker than the last time someone I know IRL found my Twitter/blog – though I‘m still not really ready to talk about that.) Then, the second night we were visiting, we went into her bedroom to talk. She sat on her bed and said she had something to tell me. I told her I already knew. And then we talked about it. And everything was right in the world.

Or something.

*Hi Mom!*

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