#iPPP: A lazy post

I’m going to start off today’s #iPPP post with a photo of my adorable child in his new adorable jacket.

I wanted to buy him a peacoat last year, but felt like the responsible thing would be to buy him a snow jacket instead. This year? I took some of his birthday money and said SCREW IT. It’s warm and adorable. Plus, he is totally excited to have a jacket just like his mom.

So there.

After my disastrous Friday night/Saturday morning, T and I went to the pumpkin patch with my friends Jamie, Adam, and their so-stinking-cute son. I was only operating on a few hours of sleep, so I didn’t get many pictures. But here we go…

You can’t see the little one’s face, so it’s okay to post, right?

Anytime I see T and I hug, it makes my heart melt a little. I think, “this is what it would be like if I’d had another baby.” But really, it’s much better this way. Trust me.

Beanbag Toss
Slingshot! He’s much better than last year.
“I don’t want to post for a picture. But here’s my drawing.”
Playing in corn!
I don’t know who this other child is.
He just really wanted me to take his picture.

We also went on a hayride, picked up pumpkins that we still haven’t carved, ate orange cotton candy, and went through a hay maze a dozen times.

Such fun.

iPhone Photo Phun

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