28 years…

In the last 28 years I have…

1. Given birth
2. Earned a bachelor’s degree
3. Went to acting school in San Francisco
4. Drove across the country and back
5. Stood in 4 states at the same time
6. Seen the Grand Canyon
7. Swam in the Pacific & Atlantic Oceans
8. Had a long distance relationship
9. Gone skiing
10. Been in a wedding
11. Gotten my tongue pierced
12. Gotten tattooed
13. Saw a shuttle launch
14. Had bright-ass pink hair
15. Painted every nail on my fingers & toes a different color
16. Been to the Glow Show & Dawn Patrol at the Reno Balloon Races
17. Been to Lilith Fair
18. Visited hokey tourist traps, such as the largest cross in the Western hemisphere
19. Been baptized & attended catechism classes
20. Walked across the Golden Gate Bridge
21. Learned American Sign Language
22. Was a model
23. Voted for the guy who won
24. Participated in the March for Babies & the JDRF Walk
25. Asked someone out
26. Been in (& won) a baby pageant
27. Earned my Silver Award in Girl Scouts
28. Been to Disney World

I have never…

1. Been outside the continuous United States
2. Been published
3. Ridden in a helicopter
4. Had a pet
5. Lived on the East Coast
6. Been to a strip club
7. Been skinny dipping
8. Owned a home
9. Been to Burning Man
10. Been snowboarding
11. Run a marathon
12. Believed in anything enough to participate in a protest
13. Been to Graceland
14. Brought a newborn home from the hospital
15. Saved someone’s life
16. Been in a fistfight
17. Crossed off every item on a to do list
18. Seen a hooker on 4th Street
19. Watched Schindler’s List
20. Peed in a urinal
21. Used a fire extinguisher
22. Worn contacts
23. Baked a pie
24. Broken up with a boyfriend
25. Been on a cruise
26. Been in an operating room
27. Played polo
28. Traveled by train

(Post inspired by…I think Mama Kat’s writing workshop. Post written on the Blogger app I just found for my phone.

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