My dream job…

…is to be an editor. Freelance. So I can set my own hours and work from home (or a comfortable chair at the library). I am a natural editor. I was the editor of the literary review and the copy editor of the newspaper in college. I love it.

So I’m taking a little step forward.

I posted an ad on, offering my services.

And I’m posting it here. Because a lot of you are writers, and maybe you need someone to take another look at that work-in-progress.

I’d like to eventually start up a whole freelance editing business, but I need to get a little experience under my belt first. You know, for references and such.

And do not judge my talents based on my blog. I use incomplete sentences and run-on sentences and I rarely actually remember to edit my own writing.

Help me spread the word, and I’ll repay your kindness with my eternal gratitude. And maybe some cookies.


*Have a novel you aren’t sure is ready to submit to the publishers?
*Need someone to take a look at your thesis to make sure it’s the best it can be?
*Aren’t quite sure your blog post is hitting the mark?
*Realizing that spell check can be unreliable?

I’m here to help! I will edit your manuscript, research paper, blog, brochure, or any other document you think needs a second look.

I am looking to build my portfolio and client base for freelance copy editing services. I will edit for grammar, spelling, typos, capitalization and inconsistencies. I am also available for revision, research, fact checking, transcription, and ghost writing opportunities. With a background in copy editing, I will give your document the attention it really deserves.

Examples of documents I can edit: books, journals, classroom materials, manuals, transcriptions, brochures, flyers, screenplays, research papers, dissertations, website content, blog posts, news articles, and company documents.

I can accept documents in the following formats (please contact me regarding anything not listed): Microsoft Word (and similar software programs), PDF documents, e-books, PowerPoint presentations, e-mail correspondence, Google Docs, and straight from the Internet. You also have the option of mailing me a hard copy of any document that requires editing. If a hard copy is sent, I will return it marked up with my edits and comments.

Please be advised that any documents sent to me, in any format, will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Please contact me today to discuss pricing. For many smaller documents, I can offer 24-hour turnaround.


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