Introducing Danielle: My first attempt at sci-fi (work in progress)

Danielle stared at her reflection in the toothpaste-splattered mirror. She watched her pupils contract as they adjusted to the brightness in the bathroom. She struggled to make sense of what had happened that morning.

She thought about Kevin. The look on his face. He was horrified at what she had done. She recalled watching him turn and run away. He had reached the edge of the parking lot and turned back to look at her. She saw the questions on his face, but he simply turned and was gone.

She didn’t blame him. If the roles had been reversed, she would have ran too.

Danielle sighed and looked into her own eyes again. She thought the left one was looking purple. Her glance shifted to her right eye. Green, as always. She looked at the left one again. Maybe it was blue. It was definitely not the same color as her right eye.

She blinked, hard, and looked again. Her left eye looked even bluer now.

That woman is nuts! I can’t believe the shit she puts me through. I swear, one of these days I should just quit. Without warning. Just throw up my hands, spit in her face, and leave.

“Mom?” Danielle opened the bathroom door to see her mother, Laurel, walking up the stairs. She looked exhausted and angry.

“Elle; hi honey.”

“What’s wrong? What happened at work?”

“What are you talking about, sweetie? Everything is fine.”

“But I just heard–” Danielle caught herself, realizing what had happened.

“What did you hear?” Laurel’s brow furrowed in confusion.

“Nothing; never mind. Sorry. I–I was wondering if I could meet Kevin at the library after dinner. He’s going to help me study for the SAT’s.”

Danielle noticed the small smile on Laurel’s face when she mentioned the SAT’s, “Yes of course. But I’m kind of tired. I think we’ll just heat up some leftovers for dinner. How does that sound?”

“That sounds fine. I’ll meet you in the kitchen in a few minutes for dinner?”


Danielle watched her mother walk into the bedroom at the end of the hall. Then she retreated back into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

She had heard her mother’s thoughts. It was the only logical explanation. She had heard her mother’s voice, as if she’d been standing right next to her, but her mother hadn’t said a word.

Danielle stared at herself in the mirror again, focusing on her blue eye.

If only you hadn’t gone and left me, Mark. If you were still here, I wouldn’t have to suffer like this. If you were still here, I wouldn’t have to settle for some minimum wage piece of crap job just because I need the paycheck. Why, Mark, why? Why did you have to go and die?

Danielle watched the pupil of her blue eye dilate more the harder she concentrated on her mother’s thoughts. She felt as if she were intruding, so she blinked and broke her concentration.

As she’d listened to her mother’s thoughts, she felt a tingling in her brain. It was the same feeling she’d had when she had made that textbook float in the air in front of Kevin. She’d blinked, the tingling disappeared, and the book had fallen. Her mother’s thoughts left her mind.

The remaining silence was overwhelming. She headed downstairs to the kitchen.


Updated: Made just a few small changes. Thanks Krista for keeping an eye out for me!

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