The Captain America cookie plan

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I had a brilliant plan.

T and I were going to bake cookies.

Except, I’m totally lazy so I just bought some of the dry mix where you just have to add an egg and some butter. Because my brilliant plan really just involved T getting to decorate cookies and then we would eat them.

So we finally did it last night.

And as I was mixing the dough after he lost interest in the first 10 seconds, and then as I was spreading the frosting over the cookies after he lost interest after the first cookie was frosted, I started to think about all those not-so-great aspects of my personality that he seems to have adopted.

Like my ability to lose interest in a project after only a few minutes.

I’ve admitted it. I’m an instant gratification kind of person. If I get the desire to do something, I really want to do it at that moment. Or if I want something, like a new shirt or a book, I want to buy it right then. The concept of saving, whether it be time or money, is very difficult for me. If I notice I have an extra $20 that I didn’t think I’d have, I will spend it immediately rather than save it. I know I should save it, but I have really been working hard and it would be nice to take my kid out to dinner once in a while (or whatever I decide to spend that money on). When I decide I want to do something to change my life, like go back to school, I want to do it now. It kills me that I have to sit here and wait until spring semester to start.

It’s not the worst part of my personality, but it hasn’t worked out to be all that great for me either. So I’m a little bummed that T is exhibiting that type of behavior.

Yes, I know. He’s only 4. Four-year-olds aren’t exactly notorious for exhibiting patience. I get that. Still…

The most exciting part of us baking cookies, for him, was the fact that he picked out red, white & blue sprinkles. So they would be Captain America cookies. So mixing the dough, making the cookies, even frosting them, was not exciting enough for him. He gave up on each step of the process after only a few seconds. As he frosted the first cookie, he looked up at me and said, “This is just taking too long. I’m going to go play. Tell me when it’s time for sprinkles.”

So I finished frosting the cookies and then told him they were ready for sprinkles.

And he went crazy with those sprinkles. He used the whole container. Sprinkles were piled up on those cookies.

Then, it was time to taste the cookies. We each picked out two cookies.

He took a bite of the first one.

“Wow! These are the best cookies ever, mom. We did a good job.”

He finished the first cookie, and then ran off to play. He didn’t even care about eating that second cookie.

He definitely didn’t get that from me.

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