Agnes’ Personal Ad

SWF seeks escape from life as a SAHM. Must be adventurous, willing to dive into the life of a nomad. Leave the rest of the world behind. Join me as I ignore the life I always wanted, and seek a life of constant change and unpredictability.

I’m not picky. You can be any height, weight, race, religion, gender. My only requirement is that you be D/C* free.

We’ll be wishes dancing on the backs of dandelion seeds, and take off running wherever we land.


This week’s Red Writing Hood prompt was: write a personal ad, looking for love. It could be from the perspective of a character, or one for you or someone you know. The word limit was 300.

For more about Agnes, visit my Fiction page.

I was totally going to re-post my ad from Plenty of Fish, but felt like it was cheating. But you should still totally click over and read that post. I like to pretend I’m funny, y’all.

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