Adventures in Online Dating

The first adventure in online dating was actually setting up a profile.

The next adventure was actually going on a date.

But the best part of online dating?

Making fun of people. For real.

See, I’m not really doing the online dating thing to find my “soul mate”. In fact, I don’t believe in soul mates. I don’t believe there is one perfect someone for me. Never have. Sure, I thought that J and I would be together “till death”, but that didn’t mean I thought that he and I were somehow meant to be together. I just don’t believe in it.

I’m doing the online dating thing for fun. I’d like to meet some people, go on some dates, and – sure – maybe one day be in a relationship again. Maybe.

Because of this, I don’t take it all as seriously as a lot of other people.

I read through the profiles and I laugh. I look at the photos and I roll my eyes.

If I see one more Ronnie-from-Jersey-Shore lookalike doing the freaking duckface at the camera while flexing his shirtless muscles, I’m going to go insane.

You might be surprised how many of those types are actually roaming around my biggest little city looking for love.

And I really wish I had saved a picture of the guy who was considered a “match” for me, with his black eye makeup smeared down his cheeks, his white lips, black trenchcoat, and blue flames photoshopped into his hands.

He was a real winner.

But what really gets me? Is the messages I’ve received. The feelings I have hurt. The fact that none of these guys has really seemed to get my sense of humor.

And they really don’t like it if you tell them they spelled something wrong.

Ed Hardy: sounds like you have a great scene of humor. 🙂
Me: I’m not sure what that means. But I do know that I have a great SENSE of humor as well.

Or if you criticize their originality.

Sk8rBoi: sup stranger

Me: Is that really the best you can come up with? Did you even read my profile at all?

Maybe I’m a bitch?

Drunkie: Your profile is amazing. Got a good chuckle and I owe you a thanks. mine doesn’t say anything right now. But there’s a specific reason for that. Have a great day.

Me: Really? You couldn’t take five minutes out of your day to at least write something in your profile? Lazy. And what kind of reason could you have? Besides the laziness. Of course.

Amazingly, I’ve only been blocked once. That I know of.

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