Red Writing Hood – Home

“We have to leave. Immediately.”

Agnes grabbed Andy by the arm that happened to be holding a red plastic cup full of cheap beer.

“What the fuck Agnes?” Beer spilled over the side of the cup, splattering on both their pants and all over Andy’s hand. “What is your fucking problem?”

“We need to go.” She wanted him to hear the urgency in her voice, but one look in his eyes and she knew he was drunk.

So was she. Which was why she had to leave. Other people liked to relieve themselves of their inhibitions. Not her. She needed to be in control. She wasn’t one of these drunk co-eds desperate for attention. She’d simply lost count of her drinks, and she felt a dizzy pounding in her head. She wanted to crawl under the covers before she did – or said – something she couldn’t control or filter.

“I can’t drive Ag. I thought we could just hole up in Kyle’s guestroom tonight.”

“No. I can’t. I have to go home. Please Andy.”

Andy shrugged her off his arm and walked away.

She stumbled to the front door, feeling with every step like she was about to go off the deep end. She felt a panicking in her chest.

She just wanted to go home.

So she walked out the front door and started walking towards the small house she shared with Andy.

How could she have been so careless? She wasn’t a drinker – not even socially. She knew the dangers. She knew she could talk too much, and secrets could come out.

It was that boy – what was his name? He’d been so friendly, even flirty. Sure, she was with Andy, but even he’d admit they were not exclusive. They were both almost 30, neither with the desire to be married or otherwise committed to s single person for eternity.

So she’d flirted with the handsome med student who impressed her with stories from the E.R. She’d ignored how he’d kept refilling her red plastic cup, as long as he’d keep paying her attention and repeating how gorgeous she was. How she didn’t look thirty.

Then she’d said something she’d never have said if she were sober.

When I was pregnant…

And she’d stopped herself. He’d started to ask her a question, but she’d held out her hand and walked away to find Andy.

Andy. That asshole. That drunken idiot. Why did he let her leave by herself?

She looked around suddenly and realized she didn’t recognize the houses around her. She hadn’t spent that much time in the neighborhood after dark, and everything looked different in the shadows.

She wandered up and down a few streets and finally gave up – frustrated. She sat on the curb and cried.

She buried her head in her hands and thought about what a mistake the whole night had been. The whole month. She never should have moved in with Andy. She should have moved out, found another state to live in. Everything here felt wrong and uncomfortable.

She wiped her eyes. It was time to move on. It was time to throw a dart at a map and find a new destination.

She stood up and walked a few blocks. She just had to find the house so she could grab a few things.

Suddenly, a bright light shone from behind her. A cop car pulled up beside her.

“Ma’am? Are you alright?”

“I’m just trying to find my house. I’m new to the area and I’m afraid I got a little lost.”

The cop had a kind smile, “Do you remember your address? I know these streets pretty well.”

She told him the numbers and the street name and he almost seemed to chuckle. He pointed across the street from where she stood. He tipped his hat and drove off.

And then she realized she was already home.


 I tried to write more of Agnes’ story using the prompt from Red Riding Hood. The prompt was to start with “We had to leave immediately”, and end with “And then we realized we were already home.” I changed both of them to fit the story a little bit better.

I wrote another scene using the same prompt, but didn’t feel it flow very well. I’m not impressed with this one either, but I figure I’ll get some opinions on it. I feel this would be after Agnes leaves Matilda and David, while she’s living her nomadic life. I may share my first attempt either later today or tomorrow. Just for some feedback.

If you’re new to the story, you can find the other sections over on my Fiction page. Constructive criticism is not only welcome, but much desired.

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