I just had to share this. And, seriously, sending out a dozen tweets is just getting annoying. So I’m wrapping this up into a blog post.

I received an email today from OKCupid. I didn’t really announce that I signed up for a second dating website, but that was because it was pretty much the same as the first. There’s a lot more questions (seriously, it’s like neverending) and there was nowhere to put my *awesome* first date essay, but whatever. I signed up, I got a few matches, I got a few annoying emails from equally annoying people. And while Plenty of Fish at least gave me a few interesting people to talk to (who have now stopped calling and never even asked to meet IRL because apparently I am psychotic or something), OKCupid has given me nothing.


But, I did get an interesting email from them the other day.

The subject line: Ahoy, USERNAME, Time for a geography party!

I totally wanted to ignore it because I don’t associate geography with party. Ever.

But I opened the email anyway. Because, you never know.

We just finished programming this experimental toy.

It generates heat maps of where your best matches are, all around the world and the USA. Here are your results. All for you. Calculated from your match answers, in graphical form. Enjoy!

So I scroll down and see the maps.

And I wanted to share them with you. Because, obviously.

Please note that “Nevada” is nowhere on the list. To meet my best match, I have to move.

Once again, I can’t even find love in the UNITED STATES.
I’m packing my bags for Israel tomorrow. I’m sure it’ll be cool, right?
Sure, I don’t speak either of the official languages even a little bit (Hebrew, Arabic).
It’s cool. Learn as you go.

Although…I do have quite a bit of family in Minnesota. Sure, I totally hate the snow. But whatever. It’s all for loooooove, right?

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