Manic Monday

Here’s what I enjoyed reading last week:

It’ll Never Sell by Lori at In Pursuit of It All. I would buy this self-help book. In fact, I want to just print this out and stick it to my bathroom mirror. Maybe I will.

Questions for Moms of Boys by Jessica at Four Plus An Angel. I love these posts about what it’s like to be a mother to boys. Of course, I don’t know of motherhood in any other way. And T isn’t always a typical boy. He doesn’t like to have his hands dirty, he plays with dolls, and he loves to wear underwear. However, I love how any time I read a post like this, there is always something mentioned about “how fiercely little boys love their Mommies” and that makes me sigh. I don’t know what having a daughter would be like, but the love this little boy has for me is incredible. Even when he’s driving me insane.

6 Tips for Teaching a Child to Deal With Anger on Circle of Moms. I still get emails once in a while from Circle of Moms, even though I don’t do anything with it. But this one caught my eye. It’s irritating that the women in the examples are all so patient with their children, since I am so obviously not. But I guess these tips are good? Or at least a reminder of things I kind of already knew.

When I Grow Up by Rachel at Mommy Needs a Vacation. Her little girl wants to be a truck driver…or a doctor. I, too, wanted to be a truck driver when I grew up. I wanted to drive one all around the country with my dad. He’ll still bring it up once in a while, “Hey when are we going to be truck drivers?” I just laugh. Because, really? I hate driving.

Society is not designed for working moms by Ginger at It’s Hard Being Perfect. Yes, it is time that our country embrace the working mom!

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