iPhone Photo "Phun"

Last Saturday, T and I went hiking with my friends Jamie & Adam, and their little one, I.

It was seriously beautiful, and I enjoyed it. Even if sometimes it didn’t really seem like it.

T is still in that terrible stage of whining about absolutely everything. It drives me completely bonkers.

However, last week we did have a pretty great week. We had minimal whining in the morning getting ready for school, we ran errands and made them fun, we giggled and wrestled and played and drew pictures…it was strange but wonderful.

And then I ran out of luck or something.

See, I think joint custody makes me a better parent. Really. My patience wears thin and I am given a respite when he goes to his dad’s. And last week was too good. By the time we got to Saturday, my patience was just obliterated. Jamie had invited us to go hiking in Tahoe with her adorable little family, and I had this perception of how the day would go.

Except that it didn’t.

So I got frustrated and T got whiney and I got irritated.

I wanted to just scream at him, This is supposed to be fun why aren’t you having fun!?!

Actually, I may have yelled something to that effect at him.


We went to Emerald Bay and took a hike up a mountain where we saw a waterfall and then spent some time wading around in Emerald Lake. It was gorgeous, and I want to go back. A million times.

I took several dozen pictures, with my iPhone. Because I use it as my regular camera now. It’s just so much more convenient.

Monday morning I was catching up on my blog reading when I saw that Liz and Kristin were going to be hosting an iPhone Photo Link Up. What a perfect time to share the photos from the hiking trip.

iPhone Photo Phun

Special thanks to Jamie and Adam for not only taking us on their hiking trip and dealing with my irritation and T’s whining, but also for taking T to the baseball game Saturday night so I could have a little bit of down time. You guys are my sanity savers. I love you.

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