Act One: The First Date

You know you’re a blogger when…

You go on a date and you spend the entire time coming up with the blog post you’ll write the next day.


And then I sit in front of the New Post screen and stare at it. I am at a loss for words because I told him I am a blogger.

So, of course, for the last 12 hours since the end of our date I have been paranoid that he “Googled” me. Okay, not the whole 12 hours. Because I did sleep. For about 3 of them. Oh insomnia, you are fucking killing me.

You know, I really wasn’t prepared for it though. Dating, I mean.

I nearly had a panic attack sitting in my car in front of the restaurant.

I got there right on time and then, because I get anxiety from entering places I am unfamiliar with by myself, I texted him to ask if he wanted to just meet out front.

And then I sat there for pretty much 10 minutes. My heart was pounding, I felt like I was going to puke, and part of me wanted to just throw the car into reverse and get the fuck out of there.

It didn’t really have a lot to do with him or whether he was going to like me. I just didn’t want to walk into that place by myself and try to figure out which person was the one I was meeting. All I had to go off of was a picture off the dating website, and it wasn’t exactly a great picture. I didn’t want to walk in and go up to random people of the male gender and ask if they were “W”. That thought terrified me.

I mean, yeah, I was kind of concerned about the whole, “Is he going to be as cool IRL as he is via text messages?” “Is he going to think I’m a socially awkward spaz and bail out ASAP?” (I mean, I am a socially awkward spaz, but yeah…)

I only changed my outfit like 5 times before leaving the house. And ended up wearing exactly what I had worn to work. I wanted to look like myself, and apparently that is very difficult for me.

So ten minutes after I arrive at the restaurant parking lot, he texts me that he just arrived and for me to meet him in the upstairs bar.


I heard towards the front of the restaurant and see the stairs to the upstairs bar. And get another text.

“I’m not the guy in green.”

I get to the upstairs bar, and – how helpful! – there are only two guys sitting at the bar. One of them is wearing green and the other is looking in my direction.

So I guess it was easier than I thought to find him.

And then he did the only thing that made me uncomfortable that entire night.

He hugged me.

Weird, right?

And, in an effort to not make this post a manic brain dump and totally make you want to stop reading forever, I’ll just tell you that the date went well. We had a couple drinks, I tried pot-stickers, we talked a lot, but I probably talked more, I told him about T, he told me about his two kids, I called him a geezer, he called himself a geezer, he paid the bill, he walked me to the car, he hugged me again, and then we both went home.

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