Rockin’ the Baby!

First she encouraged us all to Rock the Bump.

Now, Shell has gotten everyone together again to Rock the Baby.

I didn’t get to snuggle T right away, so our pictures mostly look like this:

Rockin’ the killer shades!

On his second day of life, a nurse discovered that neither J nor I had held T yet and she was shocked. We’d assumed that he couldn’t leave his little incubator bed and phototherapy lights. So the nurse let us hold him for the allowed thirty minutes. And I learned an important lesson. In the NICU, you have to be demanding. These nurses are busy enough taking care of all the little babies. You can’t be passive and just assume anything. It’s your baby! They want you to snuggle with him as much as possible.

Yeah, he had an IV in his HEAD for a while there….

“Who are you?”
Snuggling, about a month after coming home from the hospital.
One of my favorite pictures.
Picnic at the park…with me looking about 12 years old.

And of course, let’s throw in a current photo. For good measure. Or because I just love pictures so much.

4 1/2 years later…

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