RemembeRED: If you could die from embarrassment…this would have killed me.

It was the second semester of my first year away at college. I was in my dorm room working on homework and chatting with friends on Instant Messenger when…suddenly…it was the worst pain my gut I had ever felt. At first I thought, maybe it’s cramps. I always had fairly bad cramps, so I popped a few ibuprofen and went back to my laptop.

The pressure in my lower abdomen grew worse. I was hunkered down on the floor, in tears from the pain. I pulled myself up to the desk and typed a quick message to my friend, Susannah.

My stomach hurts sooooo bad. I think I’m dying. Please come help me.

She only lived two doors down in the dorm, so she was quickly at my door. She started asking me questions about where the pain was, what kind of pain was it, should we call somebody?

But I couldn’t concentrate on anything. The pain stabbed and stabbed and I thought it would never end.

Finally, I told Susannah to take me to the emergency room.

When we arrived, the intake nurse kept asking me questions about the pain, where was it, how bad was it, was it shooting or stabbing? I answered her questions. I answered the doctor’s questions. I kept answering questions, but clutched my stomach and begged somebody to make the pain go away.

The doctor decided I needed an x-ray.

Do you think you might be pregnant? No.

Is there any chance you could be pregnant? No.

Are you sure? Yes, goddamnit. I’m a virgin! Just make the pain go away!

So I went to radiology, had an x-ray done, and was returned to a bed where I writhed in pain. What seemed like hours went by before the doctor returned and told me they found out what was causing me so much pain.

I was constipated.

And then I learned what it meant to die from embarrassment.


Your assignment this week was to write a post about an embarrassing moment.

Many of you asked, “We can only pick one?” Because it is, unfortunately, part of life.

So let’s see what you came up with for your post.

Link up – but ONLY if you’ve done the prompt.

(Tomorrow I’ll tell you the story of when I went into labor while pregnant with T. This story proves to be very important…you’ll see why.)

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