Manic Monday

Part One and Part Two. I present them without comment. Except, thank you Robin.

After I posted about my hellish Monday at the grocery store, I read this post by Katie at Sluiter Nation. And suddenly I was transported to the glider in the corner of a room in a one-bedroom apartment, rocking my baby back and forth. It was beautiful. Her words bring tears to my eyes, but in a good way – I promise! Thank you Katie, for reminding me that we have had our good times, and there are more on the horizon.

Do We Have Time? by Old Tweener. Just read everything this woman writes. She’s a fantastic writer. Her words are beautiful.

Jill of Yeah, Good Times reminds me of myself when it comes to the baking. Birthday cake of doom is hilarious. But I’m totally laughing with her, not at her. So it’s okay.

I could relate to one of the Post Secret postcards this Sunday. And no, it wasn’t the one about divorce and sex. Because, just…no.

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