30 Day Shred: Day Two (Level 1)

Notes from the workout:
Workout completed at Level 1 @ 8:00pm

-Okay, so it’s totally not a big deal but I am kind of annoyed that I can’t skip Jillian’s little intro she does before the main menu comes on. So I pop the DVD in and just let her do her thing while I put on my shoes and make sure T is not going to annoy me during the workout.

-Went to the store and exchanged the 8 pound hand weights for 5 pounders. I was going to go for 3 pound, but it really just felt like it wouldn’t give me a workout at all. Plus, they only had one 3 pound weight. The 5 pound ended up being a good choice. Some of the exercises got really tough, but I pushed through and it felt fantastic (in a totally torturous exercise-y sort of way).

-So, um, does Jillian always kind of look like she’s sneering? And her little laugh about not being flexible only sort of gets on my nerves. I have the flexibility of a 900-pound woman. Don’t tell me you aren’t flexible when you are able to sit down and touch your toes without bending your knee.

-I love that she’s not a cheerleader. She coaxes you through the movements like a coach. I hate the workout girls that are all, “Yeah! You can do this! Look at you go!” I mean, really? You can’t see me, skinny whore. Jillian occasionally says strange stuff that makes you think she can see you, but mostly she’s just explaining the movements, what you should not be doing, and saying things like, “You don’t get these abs for free.” (Which, by the way? Why the fuck not?)

-I still can’t get through the push-ups. I had to pause once during the first round and twice during the second round. I don’t pause long (Jillian says only 5 second rests, so I aim for that) but I still kind of feel bad about it. Although, when I do pause, I stay in push-up position so I can still feel the muscles in my arms stretching. So, positive? Anyway, it’ll be a good measure for how my strength improves if I am doing all the push-ups straight through by the end of the 30 days.

-Still feeling massive amounts of adrenaline at the end of the workout. I really would love to do it in the morning, but I struggle to get up with enough time to get ready anyway. And if I’m waking up to exercise, then I’m going to want to do breakfast at home too (rather than wait until I’m at work). So not ready to wake up an hour earlier. Although I am setting the alarm a little earlier so that my sleepy self as the option of getting up to do the exercise.

-I feel great. I did less of the modified moves this time, as compared to Day 1. I pushed myself to go deeper on some of the stretches. This morning? My thighs are killing me. I bent down to get something at the bottom of the fridge and almost couldn’t get back up!

-On the eating healthier front, I did okay yesterday. Except I kind of pigged out on some trail mix (not a super healthy kind) at the end of the work day. So today I brought some rice cakes and pretzels to help get me through that last snack attack I’m always feeling by 4pm.

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