30 Day Shred: Day One (Level 1)

Last night I made a commitment to myself. Thirty days. That’s all I need.

Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD promises you will lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days. I’ve heard good things about this workout through the grapevine, so I’m putting it to the test.

The workout has 3 workout levels. I, obviously, started with level 1. I’m hoping to move to level 2 after about 2 weeks, but we’ll see how that goes. I picked this workout because it is only about 20 minutes a day and you don’t need any equipment except a pair of hand weights. (And, by the way, soup cans work pretty well for people needing lighter weights.)

The DVD comes with a 30 day free trial access to her website of goodies, so I’ll be checking that out for some diet and meal tips. Although I have been eating healthier (and less!) since the whole teeth-getting-yanked-out-of-my-head thing. So there’s that.

Notes from last night’s workout:
Workout completed at Level 1 @ 8:30pm

-2nd round of pushups was really hard. Had to take 2 quick breaks. I really pushed through the 1st set, even though pushups are generally very difficult for me because of my weak wrists. So I am proud that I got through the 1st set without stopping.

-Can feel the adrenaline running through my body as I write this – would love to try an AM workout to see how it affects me during the day.

-Didn’t have to do the modified versions as much as I would have thought. I’m more in the middle.

-Love the combination of strength, cardio and abs. Each move is only done in short bursts, so I have an easier time to push myself through any pain knowing that the move will be done soon.

-Seriously, am jittery and my hands are shaking. Ate dinner about half an hour before workout, and drank water. Workout is so fast-paced I couldn’t pause to hydrate part way through, but I gulping down water now.

-T had fun doing the jumping jacks, jump ropes (without actual jump rope), push ups, crunches, and then pretty much danced the rest of the time.

-Bought 8-pound hand weights but that proved to be way too difficult so I used soup cans (yes, T laughed at me for being “silly”). Will take them back to the store and exchange for 3 or 5-pound weights tomorrow. Just a sign that I was trying to push myself a little too hard in the beginning.

-I threw out my scale a while ago, when I found out it was like 20 pounds off from the scale at the doctor’s office. I haven’t replaced it. So I won’t be tracking my weight. Instead, I’ll be tracking the fit of my clothes and how I feel when I look in the mirror. I know my body well enough that I don’t feel I need to track the actual number. At least not right away. If I happen to pass a scale at some point, I might jump on it and take a peek.

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