Thank You

Dear Owner of the Convenience Store on the Corner by my Work,

Thank you for coming out to help push my car into your parking lot, even though it meant you left your store unattended for a few minutes. And for coming out hours later when you saw me sitting there. I was waiting for the tow truck, but it was so kind of you to come out and make sure I didn’t need anymore help.

Dear Two Men Who Stopped On Their Way to Work,

Thank you for rushing out of your car to help push mine into the parking lot. I will never see you again, and I am sad that I did not even get your names. It comforted me when you told me you stopped because you have been in the same predicament. It comforts me to know that people still live by “treat others as you would like to be treated” in a positive way.

Dear Progressive Insurance,

Thank you for making roadside assistance affordable to someone who makes as little money as I do.

Dear R.R. (family friend),

Thank you for fixing my car. And thank you for moving to my city a few years ago so I have someone I can trust work on my car. If I can’t live near my dad and have him fix my car (like I did in high school), then it’s just as good to have you so close by.

Dear Boss,

Thank you for letting me borrow your extra car while my car is being fixed. You’ve let me do it before, and it is just as much a savior now as it was then. Also, thank you for not mentioning that my car problems made me an hour late to work and I had to keep leaving today to take care of said car problems. You’ve always been so accommodating when it comes to emergencies, and it is duly appreciated.

Dear Dad,

Thank you for always helping out with my car problems, even though I am nearing 30. Thank you for sending R.R. an alternator so I don’t have to buy one. Thank you for taking care of things so I don’t sit at work having a nervous breakdown over silly things like broken cars.

Dear Car,

Thank you for breaking down a block from work, rather than during my trip yesterday to Sacramento and back. That would have sucked way worse.

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