Rockin’ the Bump

So while I was gone I noticed a lot of my bloggy friends posting on Twitter about “Rockin’ the Bump.” But because I was mainly on my phone for internet during my trip, I wasn’t checking out the bloggy posts to go with it. I have to say I was kind of glad when I found out the link-up would be still going after I got back.

So here I am, jumping on the bandwagon and linking up with Shell, who I didn’t really read before but will be adding to my Reader ASAP.

I didn’t take weekly or monthly photos of my growing belly. I was not proud of it. Perhaps I should have been, but it’s too late for that now. Instead, I will show you with pride the few belly photos I do have available. This is at about six months, and T joined us about a month later.

Rockin’ the bump at Lake Tahoe
Rockin’ the bump while hanging out with Bruce Campbell
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